Laura Secord Chocolate Bar Fundraising Campaign

Our Goal : To raise $10,000 for : enhancing our naturalized play spaces, additional technology, new team pinnies and support for school trips.

Our campaign starts on November 29.
Our campaign ends on December 12.

All cases are nut free and contain individual units that sell for $3.00 per chocolate bar.

A letter is arriving home today with the details of the campaign.

Early Bird Prize draw is December 4,2017. with a chance to win a $25 Cineplex gift card.

The top 3 selling families win:

First Place: IPod
Second Place: A $100.00 gift card to Fairview Park mall
Third Place: A $50.00 gift card to Fairview Park mall

See information regarding many more prizes in the letter that is arriving home today.

Thanks for your support!